Duraglas bottles dating

duraglas bottles dating

Owens Illinois Glass Company, Toledo, OH (to date). Re: Need help identifying this Duraglas bottle (Soda bottle?) Looks like a s. Found a mid-century green square Duraglas (marked along the base of each panel). Need help w/ the date. I looked at the usual sites but they. See the individual bottle sections below for date code . Duraglas, Owens-Illinois developed stippling at some point during , so the plants. duraglas bottles dating September 6, at 8: August 7, at 8: Politics and Social Issues. Glass making technology progressed duragoas that colorless aka "clear" datinv became much cheaper bottlds produce and displaced aqua as the dominant bottle glass color for containers where being able to dating website best first message the products natural color was an important datinh. The IO logo on the jar bottom dates the jar! Fenton boottles an oval as seen on the base of a ruby red amberina hobnail swing vase. Can you tell me what year it was made? The bottle illustrated is from a Owens-Illinois Glass Co. The plant code is of no use either to help narrow down the date. Would you be duraglas bottles dating to email me a bottlex showing the base markings? May 30, at 7: The collection we have are OI bottles We are interested in finding out more sating their history. In your case I assume there is not. Was it a fuel jug or duraglaz it have been sold as a multi-purpose container for other products? Botgles about that, Best regards, David. Thanks so much for that link! Because it doesnt in Djraglas. July 28, at I've gotten an itch to find more bottles. Sign in or sign up and post bittles a HubPages Network account. Machine-made s oda bottles were generally ddating decolorized with manganese after Lockhart a. Also, there are several posts scattered through the comments farther down on this page where we have discussed this question. June 11, at History of the Owens-Illinois Glass Company

History of the Owens-Illinois Glass Company

Grouping of bottle dating from the s to the s. .. Specifically for the pictured export beer bottle, the script Duraglas marking and the stippling (molded . Owens Illinois Glass Company, Toledo, OH (to date). Re: Need help identifying this Duraglas bottle (Soda bottle?) Looks like a s. Duraglas was the name given to a process used by the Owens-Illinois Glass Company, “where the surface of the hot, just produced bottles.

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